How can I turn off quota checking?

How can I turn off quota checking?

There are a few ways to go about this:

1) # chmod -x /usr/bin/quota
This prevents quota from running. It's also a self documenting flag
in that a future system manager who tries to run /etc/quota will get
the "can not execute" error message.

2) # chmod -x /usr/bin/quote /etc/edquota
This appears to turn quota's completely off (which is what I
suspect the vast majority of people want) and not only speeds
up the login process, but you don't get any annoying messages.

3) # mv /usr/bin/quota /usr/bin/quota_check ; cp /bin/true /usr/bin/quota
This will still make the login program do the quota-check, but at
it goes by very very quickly now (as opposed to actualy checking every
single NFS mount with quota, and so on). Then, just run quota_check
whenever you want.

4) Remove the DiskQuota product ("swremove DiskQuota"). This will still
allow you to keep using quotas, as long as the NFS server still has
quota enabled, and is exporting the home directory filesystems with
the quotas enabled. Watch out though, since this deletes
/usr/bin/quota. So make a copy before removing the package, if you
still want to have the ability to do "quota -v", etc..