Can I run Linux on an HP9000 system?

Can I run Linux on an HP9000 system? Updated: 04/22/02


PA-RISC Linux is an activevly developed (and working) native port of
to the PA-RISC architecture, which will eventually be merged into the
mainstream kernel tree and into commercial distributions. HP officially
supports and endorses the project. Currently, PA-RISC Linux supports
practically any HP workstation, as well as the A180 server. Support for
Ls and Ns is in the works. See:

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MkLinux was successfully ported to PA-RISC 1.1. This project has not
active since '97:

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There is also an HP9000/300 Linux port that has been merged with the
Linux/m68k kernel tree as of about Linux 2.1.119. The homepage for this
effort is:

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