Is Perl included with HP-UX?

Is Perl included with HP-UX? Added: 04/09/01

Yes, HP-UX releases 10.10 through 11.10 are shipped with Perl v4.0.1.8.
11.11 comes with Perl 5.005_02. The perl executable is
/usr/contrib/bin/perl. A little known gem of knowledge is that the Perl
exectuable that is included with 10.10 through 11.10 is statically
Since the binary is only 532k, you should consider the option of placing
a copy in /sbin. That way, if you ever need to boot into single-user
to do system maintenance or emergency recovery, you'll have all the power
of Perl at your disposal! :-)

Perl 5.6.0 binaries for 10.20 and 11.x can be obtained from on the
Liverpool archive.