Is there anything remotely like the Apollo DM editor

Is there anything remotely like the Apollo DM editor available?

Updated: 06/27/03

HP had a product called DMX, which ran on both Domain & HP-UX, and
a standard "Domain-like" interface for both platforms. Unfortunately,
this product is no longer available. It was replaced by VUE/vuepad,
which has since been replaced by CDE/dtpad.

Nevertheless, for all you hardcore DM-junkies, there is still hope...

The ARPUS[TM]/ce[TM] editor is a full-screen, X-Windows-based editor that
provides easy-to-use text editing across a variety of UNIX platforms.
Developed originally for users migrating from Apollo's Domain
ce was modeled after the Display Manager (DM) editor. ETG has
incorporated the features of the DM editor that Apollo users liked best,
as well as adding new features. Some features of ce include: ceterm,
multiple edit sessions, rectangular cut & paste, global bounded search
and replace, coordinated mouse and text cursor control, command macros,
unlimited UNDO & REDO, customized keyboard mapping, vertical and
horizontal scrolling, and automatic file backup and save.

To download an evaluation copy of ce for HP-UX, go to:

o <>

A university in France also maintains a copy of the web pages at:


See the "README" file for detailed instructions.

The eval files normally expire 30-60 days from the date you downloaded
them. See the "README.Pricing" file for pricing information.

For more information, contact:

Robert E. Styma
Principal Engineer
AG Communication Systems, Phoenix - A subsidiary of Lucent
Phone: 623-582-7323
FAX: 623-581-4884