GNU software Added

GNU software Added

Check the Liverpool archive (see question for the latest GNU
packages compiled for HP-UX 10.x and 11.x.

Also, for 11.x, you can order a free Linux Porting Kit CD, which contains
the HP Open Source Developer's Toolkit, from <>
(search for "linux porting").

The toolkit includes the following popular open source tools:

autoconf, automake, bash, bison, bzip2, ddd, dejagnu, diffutils, emacs,
enscript, expect, fileutils, flex, gawk, gcc, gdb, gdbm, gettext,
ghostscript, glib, gmake, grep, gtk+, gv, gzip, imake, inc, jpeg,
lclint, less,libgd, libpng, m4, ncurses, patch, perl, python, readline,
sed, tar, tcl, tcp_wrappers, tcsh, texinfo, textutils, tiff, tk, unzip,
vim, xalan, xaw3d, xemacs, xerces, xpm, zip, zlib

For descriptions of each of the tools, or to download tools on an
individual basis, go to: