HPRC FTP Site Added: 04/20/01

The HP Response Center (HPRC) maintains an FTP site containing a
collection of unsupported tools, FAQs and white papers. The tools are
NOT supported, although the author may allow email communication for bug
reports. You can email bugs about the FAQs, config guides, & white
papers to <hprc@hprc.external.hp.com>. General help or support is NOT
available from this site.

The URL of the HPRC FTP site is:

o <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/>

For more information on the purpose of the FTP site, see the HPRC

o <http://hprc.external.hp.com/>

Here are some of the more useful bits available from the HPRC site:

XVG is an LVM display program for Xwindows. It will
show disk layouts, volume groups, unused space, device
files, non-contiguous volumes, etc. Can be run on
workstations or servers with any version of HP-UX
from 9.xx and higher, and displayed on any Xwindow
device including PCs with Xwindow emulators. The latest
version can be downloaded at:

o <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/sysadmin/xvg/>

The pdcinfo programs allow you to retrieve PDC (PIM) information from HP
computer systems. On some systems (such as the T-Class), this program can
retrieve HPMC tombstone data. The latest version can be downloaded at:

o <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/hardware/pdc/>

The memwin_stats command is intended for usage with the new memory
functionality. For 11.00, memory windows functionality is installed via
two patches:

o patch PHKL_18543 (kernel)
o patch PHCO_23705 (commands)

For future releases, memory windows is part of the core release.
memwin_stats from:

o <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/sysadmin/memwin/>

various sys-admin scripts
o various "cool" scripts:
+ <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/sysadmin/coolscripts/>
o system inventory scripts:
+ <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/sysadmin/inventory/>
o scripts to run as cronjobs:
+ <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/sysadmin/cronjobs/>
o improved versions of /etc/profile, /.profile, and /etc/skel/.profile:
+ <ftp://contrib:9unsupp8@hprc.external.hp.com/sysadmin/profiles/>