I heard there is a new ftpd available. Where do I get

I heard there is a new ftpd available. Where do I get it?

Added: 04/11/01

The "new ftpd" is WU-FTPD 2.4 ported to HPUX, with added bug and security
fixes. It was released by HP in June '98, as a patch for 11.00.

WU-FTPD contains a slew of enhancements over the "legacy ftpd."

To get the new ftpd for 11.00, download and install PHNE_21936. After
installing the patch, you can get information on the new features
introduced by this new version of ftpd from the file:

o /usr/share/doc/RelNotes_newftp.txt

This version of FTP has some new configuration files that can be used to
take advantage of new functionality. Sample of the new configuration
files are provided in /usr/newconfig/etc/ftpd. You can edit these files
as per your need and copy them to the location /etc/ftpd.

NOTE: WU-FTPD has a problem with passwords starting with a '-': if a
password starts with a '-', you need to prepend another '-' to the

The new ftpd is not available for 10.x, and it is included with 11.10 and

Note, WU-FTPD 2.6.1 binaries for 10.20 and 11.00 can be downloaded from
the Liverpool archive (the package name is 'wu_ftpd'). Of course, this
version is not supported by HP.