Porting from Other Platforms (Solaris, AIX, etc..)

Porting from Other Platforms (Solaris, AIX, etc..) Updated: 06/12/02

Porting Guides & Kits from HP
o Solaris to HP-UX 11.0 Porting Guide:

o IRIX to HP-UX Migration Guide:

o Linux Porting Kit 1.0 for HP-UX 11.x (porting from Linux to HP-UX
+ <http://devrsrc1.external.hp.com/LPK/>

Porting Guides from Interex
o HP-UX/Sun Interoperability Cookbook, Version 2:
+ <http://www.interex.org/tech/9000/Tech/sun_hpux_interop/>

o AIX/HP-UX Interoperability Guide, Version 2:
+ <http://www.interex.org/tech/9000/Tech/aix_hpux_interop_v2/>

o SunOS to HP-UX 9.05 Porting Guide:
+ <http://www.interex.org/tech/9000/Tech/sun_hpux_port/>

o All three Interex porting & interoperability guides are also available
via FTP, in ASCII, HTML, and Postscript format at:
+ <ftp://interworks.org/pub/comp.hp/porting_info/>

Other Porting Resources
o Mike Peterson's HP-UX porting tricks (last updated 06/16/99):
+ <http://www.noc.utoronto.ca/~mikep/unix/HPTRICKS>

o HP-UX to Compaq Tru64 UNIX Porting Guide:
+ <http://www.tru64unix.compaq.com/docs/porting/HP-Porting/TITLE.HTM>
(reverse everything it says :-)