What happened to lpr?

What happened to lpr? Updated: 04/05/01

lpr is part of the BSD-style print queue system, which is being phased
over the next few years in favor of the System-V-style system. As of
HP-UX 10.00, the SYSV system is bundled. Here's a quick cheatsheet:

lpr -Pvaxps -> lp -dvaxps
lpq -Pvaxps -> lpstat vaxps
lprm -Pvaxps ID -> cancel vaxps ID

Why would I want to switch over to the System-V-style HP-UX LP spooler?

Because you can do neat things like:

$ lp -dvaxps -odouble FILENAME

which will print double-sided, that is, on both sides of the paper, if
your printer supports it.

How do I send output from nroff to HP LaserJet printers?

Try this:

$ nroff -Tlj ... | lp -onroff