How can I play audio CDs on an HP workstation's CD-ROM

How can I play audio CDs on an HP workstation's CD-ROM drive?

Updated: 03/29/01

Use xmcd.

Xmcd is a full-featured CD Player utility package including xmcd, a CD
Player for the X window system using the Motif graphical user interface,
and cda, a command-line driven, text-mode CD Player which also features a
curses-based, screen-oriented mode. Both utilities transform your
CD-R or CD-RW drive into a stereo CD player, allowing you to play music
CDs on your computer.

A CD database feature is supported, maintaining the disc artist/title,
track titles, and arbitrary text (such as band information and song
lyrics). A large Xmcd database can be downloaded from the Liverpool
archive; the name of the package is xmcd_cddb.

Moreover, xmcd supports CD recognition via CDDB[TM], and even supports
using a proxy server to get to CDDB[TM] servers from behind a firewall.

Xmcd controls the CD-ROM drive only, and does not control the built-in
audio hardware on SGI, Sun, HP and some other workstations. Thus, there
is no way to make the CD-ROM play via the workstation's internal
unless an external program is used to control the audio hardware.

Use headphones or high quality external amplified speakers,
connected to the front jack on your CD-ROM drive. This setup should
provide sound quality that is superior to the system's internal speakers.

If you are running HP-UX 10.x or later, you may need to install an
"Audio Subsystem" patch from HP in order for the system to recognize the
CD-ROM drive as an input source:

o 10.01/10/20: PHSS_22935
o 11.00: PHSS_22936

Xmcd is free, Open Source software, released under the GNU General Public

Precompiled binaries can be downloaded from the Xmcd homepage
(<>) or the Liverpool HP-UX archive.