How do I use the floppy drive on my HP-UX workstation?

How do I use the floppy drive on my HP-UX workstation? Updated: 04/30/01

HP9000 workstations can be equipped with a 3.5" floppy drive, which
enables the use of DOS-formatted 1.44 MB floppy disks. Older systems
use SCSI floppy drives, newer systems use standard PC floppy drives.
To use the floppy drive:

If you intend to write to the floppy disk, make sure that the write
protect tab is set to WRITE (tab closed). Insert the disk into the
floppy drive. To view the contents of the floppy disk enter the

$ dosls /dev/rfloppy/c0t1d0:

(The exact name device file depends on your machine type.) To copy
files to or from the floppy disk, use the doscp command. For example:

$ doscp somefile /dev/rfloppy/c0t1d0:
$ doscp /dev/rfloppy/c0t1d0:/somefile ~

For details of these commands and other related commands (dosmkdir,
dosrm, etc.), consult dosif(4). To eject the floppy disk, press the
button located below and to the right of the slot where you inserted
the floppy disk.

The dosif commands are very slow; a faster alternative that can handle
long filenames and also works with ZIP drives and similar devices is
the free Mtools package, available from the HP-UX Porting and Archive
Center (see and <>.