Does HP-UX come with a DHCP server?

Does HP-UX come with a DHCP server? Added: 08/23/01

Yes, bootpd can act as a DHCP server, as well as a BOOTP server. To
configure it you'll need to add client entries in /etc/dhcptab and
uncomment the bootps line in /etc/inetd.conf. See bootpd(1M) for


5.7.19 Is there a port management tool / firewall for HP-UX?
Updated: 01/23/03

Yes, for HP-UX 11.x there is HP IP Filter. It is a free add-on and is
based on the public domain IP Filter package. You can find it on the
HP-UX Applications CDs from March 2001 or later. Look for the following

B9901AA HP IPFilter 4.0alpha18 A.04.00

It is also available for download from:


It is recommended that you install the latest ARPA Transport patch before
using IP Filter:

o For 11.11: PHNE_27063
o For 11.00: PHNE_27886

HP IP Filter is not available for 10.x.

You can find documentation, source code, and instructions for building IP
Filter for HP-UX 11.x from source at the IP filter homepage:

o <>