What version of BIND (named) comes with HP-UX?

What version of BIND (named) comes with HP-UX? Updated: 12/11/02

HP-UX 11.20 comes with BIND version 9.2.
HP-UX 11.11 comes with BIND version 8.1.2.
HP-UX 11.00 comes with BIND version 4.9.6.
HP-UX 10.20 comes with BIND version 4.9.3.
HP-UX 10.00 comes with BIND version 4.8.3.

Use what(1) to determine what version of BIND is installed:

$ what /usr/sbin/named | grep named
named 8.1.2 Tue Feb 15 06:58:53 GMT 2000

There are several patches available for BIND:

o 11.11: PHNE_23275 - provides several bug fixes & new 'nsupdate' tool
o 11.00: PHNE_23274 - upgrades BIND to v4.9.7.
o 10.x: PHNE_23277 - upgrades BIND to v4.9.7.

One can download a free copy of BIND 9.2.0 for 11i or BIND v8.1.2 for
11.00 from <http://software.hp.com/> ("enhancement releases" section).
Note there are substantial differences between BIND 4.x and BIND 8.x/9.