Where can I get STREAMS for HP-UX?

Where can I get STREAMS for HP-UX? Updated: 03/30/01

STREAMS/UX is included with and fully supported on HP-UX 10.00 and later.

For HP-UX 9.x, STREAMS/UX was a product that could be purchased
separately. STREAMS/UX is based on the OSF/1[R] streams code, which in
turn is based on streams code from Mentat.

The HP manual "STREAMS/UX for the HP 9000 Reference Manual" (Part No.
J2237-90005) can be viewed online at:

o <http://docs.hp.com/hpux/onlinedocs/J2237-90005/00/00/1-con.html>

Or purchased in hardcopy form from:


Also, there are a number of kernel parameters for streams. An
explanation of these parameters is provided online (see section 5.5.3
for more info).