What happened to the sysdiag command?

What happened to the sysdiag command? Updated: 03/27/01

For HP-UX 10.01 and later, the HP-UX Online Diagnostic System, of which
sysdiag(1M) was a part, has been replaced with the HP-UX Support Tools
package (HP Part No. B6191AAE). sysdiag's replacement is called Support
Tools Manager (STM). See stm(1M).

The Support Tools come preinstalled on HP9000 systems purchased on or
after May 1999. Note, the SD bundle name for Support Tools is
'OnlineDiag'. For older systems, the latest release of Support Tools can
be downloaded, free of charge, from the "network & system administration"
section of <http://software.hp.com/>. For Support Tools documentation,