How do I define a new terminal type?

How do I define a new terminal type? Added: 04/26/01

In HP-UX 10.0 and later, the terminfo database
(/usr/share/lib/terminfo/?/*) is designed to take the place of the
termcap database (/usr/share/lib/termcap). However, because of the many
programs that have been written with and for the termcap database, the
termcap database is still included with HP-UX. All additions and
modifications to either of these databases should be done with extreme
caution. These files are critical to the proper operation of your

NOTE: The terminfo database contains printer definitions, in addition to
terminal definitions.

To convert one or more termcap entries to terminfo source format, use the
captoinfo(1M) command:

$ captoinfo termcap_entry.txt >terminfo_entry.txt

To compile a terminfo source file, and add the compiled entry to the
terminfo database, use the tic(1M) command:

# tic terminfo_entry.txt

If you must have both termcap and terminfo terminal descriptions, keep
terminfo description only, and use infocmp -C to get the termcap
descriptions. This is recommended because the terminfo entry will be
complete, descriptive, and accurate than the termcap entry possibly could

If you have been using cursor optimization programs with the -ltermcap or
-ltermlib option in the cc command-line, those programs will
still be
functional. However, these options should be replaced with the -lcurses

Richard S. Shuford maintains an archive of video terminal information.
The archive is a collection of information concerning character-cell
video-display terminals, serial-line remote-graphics terminals, and
software that emulates them. The URL is:

o <>