Where can I get X11R6?

Where can I get X11R6? Updated: 04/09/01

Despite the fact that the top of the X(1) manpage says "X Version 11
Release 5", HP-UX 10.20 and later actually come with Release 6. If you
want proof, just do a "what /usr/bin/X11/X". 10.20 comes with X11R6.1,
and 11.x comes with X11R6.3. If you want to run the very latest release,
you'll have to download the source from
<http://www.x.org/Downloads_XWinSys.htm> and build it yourself - probably
not worth the hassle.

The basic core distribution of X11R6.1.1 can also be obtained from the
Liverpool archive. The package names are:

o XR6src - source
o XR6built - binaries


- the binaries are meant to be installed in /usr/local/X11R6
(if you want them elsewhere, use a symbolic link, or grab the source)
- most libraries come with archive and shhhhhhhhhared versions
(and the built binaries mostly use the .sl versions)
- this is JUST the core distribution (xc/////////)
- xc/test and xc/workInProgress aren't innnnnnnnncluded in the built
(the source is present, but hasn't been looked at in the src packages)