How is the unique node ID used for licensing

How is the unique node ID used for licensing determined?

Added: 04/16/01

Most licensing systems (LicensePower/iFOR, FLEX/lm, SentinelLM, NetLS,
etc..) uniquely identify a system by the MAC address of the system's
primary network interface (the interface with the lowest ID number -
usually lan0). The MAC address (aka - Station Address or Physical
Address) can be obtained by running lanscan, like so:

$ lanscan

HP-UX 10.x/11.x comes with the LicensePower/iFOR product, which uses only
the rightmost eight bytes of the MAC address as the "target ID." This
number can be obtained using the following iFOR command:

$ /opt/ifor/ls/bin/i4target -v

There is also the hardware identification number which is stored on the
SPU board. This is the number that is used by HP Software Distributor to
uniquely identify a system. The SPU ID can also be used on systems that
have no network interface. SPU IDs can only be reset by certified HP