/usr/share/doc Added: 04/17/01

On HP-UX 10.00 and later, the /usr/share/doc directory contains HP-UX
release notes and technical whitepapers. Most of the documents are in
ASCII text format. On 10.x, some of the documents are in PCL format. On
10.x and 11.00, several of the documents are in PostScript format. And
11.11, a few of the documents are in PDF format.

The text (.txt) files can be readily viewed using a variety of viewers
(more, pg, vi, etc..). The PCL, PostScript, and PDF files are meant to
be printed out, not viewed online. In order to view them online, you
would need to install third-party applications such as GhostScript and
GhostView. You would also need to have a graphical display and have an
X server running.

Hewlett Packard Printer Control Language (.pcl) files can be printed on
any HP printer. If you have a non-HP printer, you can use GhostScript,
or a number of other programs, to convert the PCL to PostScript.

PostScript (.ps) files can be printed on any printer that supports
PostScript However, it is not necessary to have a PostScript-compatible
printer. There are public domain programs, for example, GhostScript,
can convert PostScript to other printer languages, such as PCL.

To print Portable Document Format (.pdf) files, download and install
Adobe[R] Acrobat[R] Reader (see question 8.35). Alternatively, you can
use GhostScript to convert from PDF to PostScript or PCL.

Now that you know how to view and print the documents, here is a listing
of the documents you'll find in /usr/share/doc on 11.00, 11.11, and

11.00RelNotes Release Notes for HP-UX 11.0, 3rd Edition - '98
NTP_Primer.txt Network Time Protocol on HP-UX
RelNotesNFS_TCP.txt Release Notes for NFS over TCP Enablement
Functionality - 02/00
RelNotes_newftp.txt Release Notes for ftp - 06/98
bind496.txt BIND 4.9.6 Features : Summary Information - 10/97
boot.txt HP-UX 10.x (and 11.x) System Boot and Startup White
Paper - 04/96
configure.txt(ps) HP-UX 10.X (and 11.x) CONFIGURATION/STARTUP FILES
doc_map.txt(ps) HP-UX 10.x (and 11.x) Documentation Map (06/97)
euro_howto.txt How to Setup Euro Enablement for the First Time
euro_relnotes.txt Release Notes for Euro-Software Patch
file_sys.txt(ps) HP-UX 10.x (and 11.x) File System Layout White Paper
- 04/95
iconv.txt HP-UX 10.x (and 11.x) Iconv Customization
lg_files.txt(ps) HP-UX Large Files White Paper, v1.4 - '97
libc_y2k.txt Programming For the Year 2000: HP-UX Standard C
Libraries White Paper, v1.9 - 02/97
links.txt(ps) HP-UX 10.X (and 11.x) Start/Kill Sequence Numbers -
mem_mgt.txt(ps) HP-UX Memory Management White Paper, v1.3 - 04/97
mem_wndws.txt 11.0 Memory Windows White Paper
mp.txt(ps) HP-UX MultiProcessing White Paper, v1.3 - 04/97
nls_locale.txt Locale Methods Customization
pamized_rcom_readme.txt PAMized rexecd and remshd
panics.txt HP-UX 11.0 System Panics White Paper, 3rd edition -
partner_info.txt HP-UX 10.X (and 11.x) Startup and Configuration
Developer Check List
patch_pgrm.txt [1] HP-UX 10.X Patch Program White Paper, 4th edition -
proc_mgt.txt(ps) HP-UX Process Management White Paper, v1.3 - 04/97
sendmail8-8_delta.txt What's New in HP-UX sendmail-8.8.6?
sendmail8-9_delta.txt What's New In HP-UX Sendmail 8.9.3?
sendmail8-9_release.txt HP-UX Sendmail 8.9.3 Release Notes - 09/99
sequence.txt(ps) HP-UX 10.X (and 11.x) Start/Kill Sequence Links -
Order Paradigms
start_up.txt(ps) HP-UX 10.X (and 11.x) Startup and Configuration
sw_patches.txt HP-UX 11.0 Version B.11.00 Patch List - 09/97
sys_crash.txt HP-UX 11.x System Crash Dump
11dev.ps HP-UX 11.00 Software Developer's Guide - 10/16/97
64bit_driver_migration.ps How to Write a 64-bit Clean IO Driver for
HP-UX: A 32-bit to 64-bit I/O Driver Migration
Guide - 12/06/96
V.4version.ps Steps to Version Your Shared Library (using V.4
dev_apps.ps File Sharing and Other Helpful Facts for HP-UX 10.0
Software Developers, v1.0 - 09/29/94
iop.ps Application Interoperability White Paper, v1.0 -
ux95.ps Programming for UNIX 95 and HP-UX Binary
Compatibility - 05/22/96

[1] Patch PHCO_22044 will upgrade this paper to the current version:
patch_pgrm.txt (1) HP-UX 11.X Patch Program White Paper, 2nd edition -

In 11.11, HP has removed most of the whitepapers from /usr/share/doc/ and
recommends viewing up-to-date versions of the documents on
<http://docs.hp.com/> instead. Nonetheless, there are still a number of
useful documents in /usr/share/doc/:

files that are new in 11.11
README HP-UX 11i /usr/share/doc/README - 11/00
11iRelNotes.txt(html) HP-UX 11i Release Notes, 1st Edition - 12/00
11.00RelNotes Release Notes for HP-UX 11.0, 6th Edition - 10/97
11iSRB.txt A pointer to the HP ITRC
Previously, the 11.00SRB.Z (Software Release
Bulletin) listed all known defects. This list is
always changing, and there is no equivalent 11i
version of 11.00SRB.Z.
ASX-JPN Japanese System Environment (JSE) A.02.60 Release
ASX-JPN-E(S) same as above (Japanese)
ASX-KOR Korean System Environment (KSE) A.02.60 Release
ASX-SCH Simplified Chinese System Environment (SSE)
Release Notes
ASX-TCH Traditional Chinese System Environment (TSE)
A.02.60 Release Notes
ASX-UTF8 Asian System Environment (ASE) Unicode Release
PAMKerberosRelNotes.pdf PAM Kerberos Release Notes, Edition 2 - 12/00
PRINT-ASE-NOTE Obsolescence announcement of printing options of
Asian System Environments (ASEs)
PRINTER-JPN-E(S) Printers supported by JSE (Japanese)
SETNETLP_Guide-E(S) setnetlp(1M) Guide for JSE (Japanese)
TechPrtServ/C/RelNotes Technical Print Service Release Notes
TechPrtServ/C/tpsGuide.ps(pcl) Technical Print Service System
Administrator's Guide,
1st Edition - 03/97
planning_SuperDome_configs.pdf Planning SuperDome Configurations,
Edition 1 - 10/00
sw_patches.txt HP-UX 11i Version 1 Patch List - 09/00

files in 10.20, that are no longer included in 11.x
10.20RelNotes Release Notes for HP-UX 10.20, 4th Edition - 06/96
10.20SRB HP-UX 10.20 Software Release Bulletin
(lists all known defects)
RelNotesHWE.txt Release Notes for HP-UX 10.20 Hardware Extensions
2.0 (April 1998)
10.20HWE1.1_RelNotes HP-UX 10.20 Hardware Extensions 1.1 Release Notes
Extension_Software/xx/XSW[78]00GR1020.readme HP-UX 10.20 Extension
Software Release xx README
NFS.ps Installing and Administering NFS Services, HP 9000
Networking - 02/98
NFSD_Concepts_Admin.ps NFS Diskless Concepts and Administration White
Paper - '94
NFS_Client_Server.ps NFS Client/Server Configuration Topology and
Performance Tuning Guide White Paper, Rev. 1.1 -
bog.txt(ps).Z Name Server Operations Guide for BIND Release
dev_apps.ps File Sharing & Other Helpful Facts for HP-UX 10.0
Software Developers, v1.0 - '94
patch_pgrm.txt HP-UX 10.0 Patch Program White Paper, 3rd Edition
rfc1535.Z RFC 1535: A Security Problem and Proposed
Correction With Widely Deployed DNS Software -
sendmail8-7_manual.ps(pcl) Installing and Administering sendmail 8.7
sw_patches.txt HP-UX 10.20 Patch List - 06/96