The HP-UX Reference Manual

The HP-UX Reference Manual Updated: 09/12/03

An online version of the HP-UX Reference Manual is installed as part of
HP-UX. The HP-UX Reference is divided into eight major sections:

o Section 1: User Commands
o Section 1M: System Administration Commands
o Section 2: System Calls
o Section 3: Library Functions
o Section 4: File Formats
o Section 5: Miscellaneous
o Section 7: Device Special Files
o Section 9: Introduction and Glossary

Sections are further divided into many individual entried called manual
pages, or simply manpages. Manpages can be viewed using the man command.
For more information on manpages, see man(1) - ie:

$ man man

On 11.x, also see introduction(9).

Addtionally, hyperlinked HTML versions of the 10.x and 11.x reference
manuals can be viewed online at: