HPUX-Admin Mailing List

HPUX-Admin Mailing List Updated: 04/30/02

Bart Muyzer runs an HP-UX system administration mailing list. In short,
the purpose of the mailing list is to discuss matters related to HP-UX
System Administration.

o Example topics:
* Discussing debugging/problem solving
* How do I port application this-and-this to HP-UX?
* What patch(es) should I install to solve a problem?
* Discussing the (un)desired effects of patches
* HP-UX specific security issues

o URLs:
* <mailto:hpux-admin@dutchworks.nl>
- To send a message to ALL MEMBERS of the list.
* <mailto:majordomo@dutchworks.nl> (enter commands in body of message)
- To subscribe to HP-UX Administrators Mailing List:
subscribe hpux-admin [email_address]
- To subscribe to the Digest of HP-UX Administrators Mailing List:
subscribe hpux-admin-digest [email_address]
- email_address is optional and, when left out, will be set to the
contents of your "From: " line.
- To retrieve the list charter:
get hpux-admin hpux-admin-policy
- To get a list of available commands:
* <http://www.dutchworks.nl/htbin/hpsysadmin/>
- Browse & search the archives.
* <ftp://ftp.dutchworks.nl/pub/digests/hpux-admin/>
- Back issues are available in /pub/digests/hpux-admin/vNN.nMMM
(where "NN" is the volume number, and "MMM" is the issue number).
- The back issues are also available through majordomo's "get"

Problems, questions, suggestions and the like should go to the address