Interex Netherlands HP User Group (AKA DutchWorks)

Interex Netherlands HP User Group (AKA DutchWorks) Updated: 03/26/01

The Interex Netherlands HP User Group, also known as DutchWorks, was
formed to provide a users group for technical users. It represents
technical HP users of HP9000 Workstations and Servers, Instrument
Controllers (RTE, HP-RT, RM BASIC, etc.), and Vectra PC's. The group
has a BBS which maintains a library of HP-UX, DOMAIN, RTE and BASIC
software. Since October '94, it also runs a full mirror of the Liverpool
HP-UX Archive (<>). The URL for the DutchWorks
website is <>.

Membership details are available from:

Hans Hartwijk,
Weidezoom 11,
2742 EX Waddinxveen
The Netherlands
31 (0)1828 15086

or by e-mail to <> (Jaap Kooman, chair

DutchWorks also sponsors the HP-UX Administrators Mailing List
(hpux-admin) mailing list. Subject 4.20 of this FAQ contains information
on this mailing list.