What other HP-UX-related FAQs exist?

What other HP-UX-related FAQs exist? Updated: 11/10/03

There is an HP-UX 11i FAQ at:

o <http://www.hp.com/workstations/risc/operating/hpux11i/faqs.html>

There is a HP-UX on Itanium FAQ at:


HP provides an "HP-UX 11.x FAQ" on the HP-UX 11.x STK website. This FAQ
focuses on differences between HP-UX 11.x and earlier releases of HP-UX.
One subject that is covered throughly is upgrading to 11.x:

o <http://devrsrc1.external.hp.com/STK/hpux_faq.html>

There is a "Certified for HP-UX FAQ" that discusses the offical
certification of 3rd part applications for HP-UX:

o <http://www.keylabs.com/certified4hp-ux/hpux_faq.html>

There is an HP3000 FAQ available at:

o <http://www.3k.com/faq/hpfaqi.html>

CERN's IT department has assembled an HP-UX 10.0 FAQ, comprised of
documents from HP ITRC:

o <http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/pdp/ose/file/hpux10/tree.html>

There is an Ignite-UX (IUX) FAQ available from HP:

o <http://software.hp.com/products/IUX/faq.html> (HTML)
o <mailto:iux_faq@igniteux.fc.hp.com> (ASCII)

There is a Java on HP-UX FAQ available from HP:

o <http://www.hp.com/products1/unix/java/java2/sdkrte1_3/faq.html>

There are a number of FAQs describing building and/or using various 3rd
party products on HP-UX:

o Ximian GNOME for HP-UX 11.x FAQ:
o Building Mozilla on HP-UX FAQ:
+ <http://www.mozilla.org/unix/hpux.html>
o Building Jikes on HP-UX FAQ:
o SarCheck for HP-UX FAQ:
+ <http://www.sarcheck.com/hptech.htm>
o Domino for HP-UX FAQ: